Why Vitalik loves Metis over Polygon?

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What is Metis Layer 2 Crypto?, Metis Blockchain, Metis vs Matic, Best Layer 2 Cryptocurrency

Do you want to know What Metis Crypto is? and which is the Best Blockchain between Metis vs Matic? Do you want to know which is the Better Ethereum Scaling solution? I am going to do Full tech Comparison and also I will tell you which one will give you higher returns.

1. Introduction

What is Metis Crypto?

Metis Dao is a layout solution for Layer 2 Ethereum / Optimistic roll-up that hopes to transactions at a quick/low cost. It has a DAC framework that provides solutions for governance problems, organization management, and incentive alignment. METIS is a native token used for payments, transactions, stakes, and more. And more decentralized than any other ETH L2 solution.

What is Polygon Matic?

Polygon is a layer 2 solution or side-chain solution that works near the Ethereum blockchain, which allows for faster transactions and lower charges. MATIC is a native token. The Polygon Blockchain’s adoption is very high compared to any other ETH Layer 2 solution. recently partnered with Meta (Facebook).

2. Which is More Decentralized?

Metis-Metis is way more secure and decentralized compared to polygon Matic. Also, they are the first who realized a complete decentralization roadmap and build DAC infrastructure.

METIS has secure and cheap native storage for NFTs and other big data blocks. MATIC doesn’t have. You can read more here- Decentralized Roadmap of Metis.

Matic -It’s controlled by 5–10 people who control the entire blockchain. They just had done a Silent, hard fork in the Midnight of its entire network after hacking. Solana’s network continued to decline after a DDoS attack. This is not a true decentralization.

Metis checks all the boxes. As they built the highly developed Optimistic Rollup on ETH, it inherits all Ethereum security and international decentralization.

3. Which is More Faster?

Metis is faster and cheaper than Polygon Matic and more decentralized than Matic. Metis Dao is the best Layer 2 crypto according to L2Fees.info. What Metis is doing is almost 60% cheaper soon with higher speed and higher decentralization rate. Metis has the fastest-growing TVL. At this rate, it is likely to soon pass many major competitors. Metis is well-positioned to be the top Ethereum layer 2 solution.

4. Metis vs Matic, which one is the best scaling solution?

Layer 1 networks such as Solana and commit chain Polygon are faster, cheaper, and more scalable. But they are lagging in decentralization and security.

Metis covers all three aspects of the Blockchain Trilemma, which are security, Scalability, and Decentralization. It is beyond the classical rollup structure. it enables infinite scalability theoretically.

5. What does Metis Crypto have special?

Metis covers everything Vitalik Buterin himself saw in Ethereum’s future. They solved the blockchain Trilemma in their project, which is a very huge thing that every ETH scaling project wants to solve, which is a huge plus.

They are building the entire infrastructure of the DAC, which Vitalik first proposed in 2014 and was ignored by everyone. Now everyone is focusing.

Now that Vitalik’s mother’s involvement in Metis has become public and Vitalik has known Metis CEO and family friend Elena from a young age, it is very easy to combine two and two.

6. Top 9 points you need to know about Metis

1. Metis can easily integrate any ERC-20 blockchain.

2. Metis is solving ETH’s Major problems-Scalability, security, simplicity, speed, storage, and savings.

3. Metis has the fastest-growing TVL. At this rate, it is likely to soon pass many major competitions. New bridges are released regularly and soon to the native stable coin, then the TVL may go crazy.

4. Metis will pave the way for the establishment of Web3’s global economy, which includes separate businesses from both the blockchain and non-blockchain world.

5 METIS provides smart contract templates that allow for integration into blockchain and ZERO blockchain coding is required. which MATIC does not do.

6. Metis does not have a fenced garden effect that could prevent conventional developers from using their projects due to complex problems.

7. Vitalik Buterin’s mother is a part of the Metis dao Team.

8. Metis has a 10 Million Max Token Supply. The total supply minted in the next 10 years. They have a good tokenomics structure.

9. Binance has sponsored Metis Hackathon.

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7. Vitalik Conversation with Metis developer

8. Can Metis token reach $1000?

The obvious answer is yes, it can. At the time of writing, the Price of the Metis, a token, is $44, which is very undervalued, while many big investors are closely looking at this project. And the current market cap is around $145 Million which is nothing in terms of what they are doing. It can go even more and The Supply is only 10 million tokens.

Important tip -Do not be too greedy and stay with fundamentals.

9. Is METIS Dao a Good Investment?

Let’s compare Metis vs Matic. Which one will give you higher returns? The current market cap of Matic is $7,219,737,020 and the current market cap of Metis is $145,737,020. This shows us Metis is an excellent investment. Also, they are fundamentally stronger than Matic.

Let’s do simple math: if Metis Market cap reaches $1 billion, the price per Token will give you easily 5–10 X returns. Metis easily can achieve a $1 billion market cap.

10. Where to buy metis Crypto?

You can buy Metis crypto in many major exchanges like Coinbase, PancakeSwap, Uniswap, SushiSwap, Gate.io, KuCoin, OKX, and many more.

11. How to Stake Metis Crypto?

1. Buy Metis coin

2. Add Metis network in Metamask: First, go to Chainlist.org, then connect your metamask wallet to the site and search for the Metis Andromeda then click on the add to metamask button. It will add it to your metamask, then disconnect your wallet.

3. Bridging to Metis Blockchain: If you brought Metis token on the Binance smart chain or Ethereum Blockchain, you have to convert it to Metis Andromeda Mainnet. you can bridge your tokens on Polynetwork ‘s Platform.

4. Stake your Metis Token: There is the top 3 platform where you can stake, farm, create LP and swap your token on the metis mainnet. First is Netswap, which is the biggest Dex on the metis blockchain, and two more exchanges are Tethys Finance and Agora DeFi.

12. Conclusion

The Conclusion is Metis Dao is way more decentralized, faster, cheaper, scalable, and secure than any other Ethereum solution at the current time. Metis is solving everything Vitalik Buterin himself saw in Ethereum’s future. But that doesn’t mean you can completely ignore Polygon Matic. Polygon has bigger partners, Like Meta(Facebook) which you can’t ignore. Polygon Matic is lagging in just decentralization. they can’t able to solve blockchain trilemma. Metis Dao also has many big partnerships in every sector, for example, NFT, Dapp, Dao, Gaming, Defi, Infrastructure, Launchpads, SocialFi, Metaverse, and more. Binance recently sponsored their hackathon.

You can follow Metis for recent development or updates here- Twitter, GitHub.

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