How To Retire Early In Crypto 2022

2 min readJul 2, 2022

Most people come to crypto because they want freedom and want to retire early. Here you can retire in crypto in 5 Easy Steps.

1. Follow Smart Investors

This is where you need to hide on Twitter and Discord, looking for those who are asking smart questions… those who are asking these smart questions you need to follow like a shark.

Look at where they are investing in. Look at what they are doing. Ask them out well if they are no longer absorbed in the connection. Ask them out well. For Example, I found these two guys are asking smart questions you can follow on Twitter @NickDrakon and @ChadMcchief.

These are people who never tire of finding answers to their investments. We're lucky they are giving you detail on Twitter. This is not always the case… find them and be as close to them as possible!

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2. Whitelists

Now if you get a tip from these smart investors and community members and you’ve done your own research and verified the launch, then you can get in on whitelists and launches.

Some “authorized” brands, you have to be careful here, but that’s why you get your experience from smart investors… listen to AMAS projects… try your best to get the feel and understanding of these regulators so you can get in early. Make sure you do it with your hard work.

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3. Don’t be a gambler

If you try to get rich quickly here, you will wander around pumping and dumping places. If you want the next 1000x after 1000x, you will probably find yourself losing money.

4. Crypto Savings Account

This is for someone with a long-term consolidation plan. The first two rules are hard to follow, but this method is a way to use crypto to make stable interest rates and try to make 20–40% per annum.

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5. Don’t Quit

That’s all, stay around, don’t run and walk. I could do this just a few times on my investment trip, but here I am with my balls doing well. You can too.

These are the Simple 5 Steps. Follow the smart investor is very important for those who have core tech knowledge. You can follow me as well on the medium.

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